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3D Bear Firework Light Lamp

3D Bear Firework Light Lamp

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Discover a new level of romance with the 3D Bear Firework Light Lamp! The seven vibrant colors of the firework light will transform any bedroom, living room, or other indoor space into an atmosphere of warmth and love. Its unique design features a PC transparent lampshade, a PVC wood grain base, and USB plug-in convenience with a one-key switch, so you can easily adjust the light settings with the touch of a button. Plus, the non-slip base is designed to stay put no matter how much dancing you do! Enhance your romantic moments and create beautiful memories with the 3D Bear Firework Light Lamp!

Product Description: Bear A size:  About 9*20cmBear B size: about 9*22cmPower: 5W+3WVoltage: 5 VSwitch: USB direct plug (1.5-meter wire)Material: environmental protection ABS+ glassDebugging: manual switch (adjustable light color conversion)

Packing List: 1*Glass fireworks bear light with base, 1*USB plug, 1* Shock absorbing foam protection box+ bag (Safe packaging)

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