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Baby Sippy Cup Bottle

Baby Sippy Cup Bottle

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Introducing Our Baby Sippy Cup Bottle!

Crafted from durable PPSU material, our Baby Sippy Cup Bottle ensures both safety and longevity for your little one. Here's why it's the perfect choice for your baby:

PPSU Material: Our bottle is made of PPSU, known for its BPA-free composition, robust molecular stability, and high-temperature resistance. PPSU bottles are more durable than PP bottles and can withstand multiple falls without breaking.

Two Types of Nipples: Choose a spout type for babies aged 6-12 months or a straw type for babies over 12 months. The soft spout mimics the feeling of a pacifier, aiding in the transition to a straw cup. The specially designed straw allows babies to drink water while biting down, perfect for babies in the oral stage.

Leak-Proof Design: Our bottle cap features a 4-layer anti-seepage design, ensuring that the bottle will not leak even when inverted. Plus, with a gravity ball at the end of the straw, your baby can quickly drink water while lying down.

Convenient Lid Design: Fold the lid 180 degrees to securely fix its position, preventing it from sliding down and potentially hitting your baby's nose. You'll never have to worry about accidental spills or discomfort.

Colorful & Appealing: To make feeding time more enjoyable, we use two favorite colors among babies: pink and green. With a c00ml/10oz capacity, our bottle is suitable for outdoor adventures, school, or home use.

Make feeding time a breeze with our Baby Sippy Cup Bottle!

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