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Projector Night Light

Projector Night Light

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Unveil the Cosmic Symphony with Our 13-in-1 Projector Night Light!

Embark on an interstellar journey from your bedroom with our mesmerizing Projector Night Light! Designed for kids and adults, this celestial wonder transforms ordinary nights into magical adventures through the cosmos. Get ready to drift through the stars with our Aurora Projector, adding an enchanting touch to any space and making bedtime an experience to remember.

Product Parameters:

Universal Voltage: Plug into the universe's wonders with compatibility ranging from 110-220V.

Power Output: Illuminate your room with 5V / 1800MA of captivating projection power.

Energy Rating: Shine bright with an efficient 5W of luminous energy.

Coverage Area: Envelop your space with cosmic splendor, spanning 30㎡-40㎡.

Compact Packaging: Experience the magic in a conveniently sized 18x18x8 cm package.

Featherweight: Light as stardust, weighing in at a mere 0.58 kg.

Flexible Power Source: Power up your cosmic adventures with USB compatibility, which makes it compatible with chargers, computers, tablets, or power banks.

Features That Expand Your Universe:

Cosmic Atmosphere: Infuse your surroundings with a celestial glow, transforming any room into a galactic sanctuary.

Aurora Enchantment: Let the aurora projector weave its spell, bringing the captivating allure of the northern lights into your nightly ritual.

12-in-1 Marvel: Immerse yourself in a universe of possibilities with 12 distinct light films, each narrating its cosmic tale.

Effortless Operation: Plug in, select your preferred light film, and embark on your cosmic odyssey!

Package Includes:

13-in-1 Galaxy Projector: Your gateway to cosmic exploration.

USB Cable: Harness the power of the stars with this versatile cable.

User Manual: Navigate the cosmos with ease using our comprehensive guide.

12 Light Films: Dive into many cosmic scenes and craft your celestial narratives.

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