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Rabbit Fruit Doll

Rabbit Fruit Doll

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Introducing the Rabbit Fruit Doll, where whimsy meets sophistication in the most delightful way! This charming plush companion, with its playful design and vibrant colors, brings a burst of joy to any space.

This is not just a doll but a fruity friend bursting with personality. With her adorable rabbit ears and fruity ensemble, she will steal hearts and spark smiles wherever she goes.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, This is the perfect blend of fun and professionalism, making her an ideal addition to any collection or a unique gift for someone special.

Bring magic into your life with the Rabbit Fruit Doll because everyone deserves a little fruity fun!

Sizes:S - 7.09"M - 9.84"L - 13.8"

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